Dear Women,

It's an absolute pleasure to celebrate your day, Women's Day. Though I believe it must be every day. Every woman life has traveled a remarkable path, though some see parallel to their own life. I am amazed with the path, as it leads others in learning to respect others, build manners and demonstrate a level of humility. As a woman you get these things right starting from your own yard, in children and man of your life.

Allow me to take a moment and distill my thoughts and feelings. This very perseverance is a reflection of a successful and happy society. This nature comes from the thirst of fixing and getting it right. Every such society must be proud of making constructive impressions on the future minds. As an individual, I am very proud!

I look forward to celebrating every day as women's day. If you ever need anything, simply, ask the women in you!

Wishing all wonderful people a happy Women's Day!