Curiosity is the mother to creativity 

I believe when artists and designers come together with scientists or vice-versa it’s going to be better tomorrow. I have three reasons for this thought –

Firstly, There are perhaps ‘no’ products and services that do not consist of components of Art and Science. I believe both go hand-in-hand. Even if one claims STEM doesn’t require ‘A’, but consumers first look for aesthetics. I believe art and design to STEM will enhance economic competitiveness. The tools and methods used for art and design creates space for creativity and raises interest in problem solving. The data that is often communicated through charts or graphs could appeal to non-scientific communities. This could help policy makers to take decisions or appreciate the effort put in. Several such products and services have inspired consumers. Isn’t it more powerful to have them together than apart?

Secondly, Let’s not forget that 21st century skill that demands critical thinking that often comes from integration of art and design. And STEAM education is a promising way to promote the skills. The ‘Art’ gives and teaches flexibility and risk taking abilities that form the backbone for businesses. This also goes beyond the mundane style of working and enhancing the engagement time through unlocking the creative thinking and leading to innovation.

Finally, Art and design helps to distinguish products and places in a global market and hence create opportunity for economic growth.

I think the approach has to be integrating ‘A’ into STEM, scientists understand the kind of impact products and services offer to mankind. There are several examples to quote such as the steam locomotive is an exquisite example of art in motion.

What are your thoughts on integrating Art to STE(A)M?