Note: At QtPi Robotics we encourage children not just to convert idea into a project but also work on writing and presentation skills. We believe STEAM education is an amalgamation of our "I" component in DESI Model (Design, Electronics, Software and Integration). Integration is also about adding skills with technology. Its like one breathed into project nostrils and it became breath of life! One of such effort is from Ms. Srija Ghosh, contributor to the story, idea and project with solution using QtPi Robotic kit. We are very happy and thankful for her contribution! If you would like to know more about the QtPi Robotic kit (click here) and would like to be a contributor get in touch with us through contact us

“Just 18 more hours! I am so excited!” exclaimed Srestha.

“Me too, I can’t wait to hop in our car, get inside the plane and fly!”, said Srija.

Mom and Dad were going hither and thither packing all the luggage and checking whether anything went missing. Just then, dad called out to Srestha,

“Srestha, can you go and water the plants? Its time.” Srestha nodded in agreement and went quickly to lay her hands on the sprayer. When she got there, she looked worried.

Srija walked up to her and asked her, “Are you thinking what I am thinking? About the plants?”. “Exactly” Srestha replied sadly.

Srestha loves looking at the colorful butterflies sucking nectar from the flower. “Who is going to look after our lovely little plants? Remember, last time when we came back home, I and you were devastated on seeing our flowers and veggie plants dead!” Srestha exclaimed sorrowfully “And we grew them.” added Srija.

Just then, there was a twinkle in Srija’s eyes and a smothering smile. She rushed to her table and started doodling in her laptop. Surprised, Srestha said “This is not the time to doodle in your laptop, we can’t help the plants lets just go and help our parents in packing.” “Firstly, I am not just doodling in my laptop and secondly, who said we can’t help the plants? What do you think I am doing?”

Srija said smiling. Srestha understood immediately and replied, “Oh, of course! I should have known. All the best! I know you can do this!” She closed the door and was on her way to help mum and dad. It was finally Dinner time. Srija had to come out now. Both the sisters always ate together, then the parents sat down. The little sister was packing up her favorite toys when she came running and before she could ask, I interrupted. “I know what you are going to ask me.  I am almost done and I am positive, tomorrow morning I will be complete. Good thing is that our flight is in the afternoon. I will wake up tomorrow early and voila!”

Both the sisters were suddenly happy and both of them went to sleep discussing how much fun they will have for the next few weeks. Next morning, by the time little sister woke up, Srija had finished the device! She named it, ‘Automatic plant watering system’ Rubbing her little eyes, Srestha asked sleepily “You are up so soon, the flight is in the afternoon, not morning. Oh, now I know! Hey are you done?” Srija took the device and gave it to her. “I think that answers your question little sis”.

Srestha explored the app a bit and then both the sisters went out to test the Automatic Plant Watering system. The result was sweeter than chocolate. “Wow” said the elated little sister. Mum and dad were happy too. Both of them stopped thinking about the different ways to save the plants. Srija placed the watering system properly, set the timer and went off to get ready. After a few hours, the family was on their fun journey. Srestha said, “Don’t worry plants, you are safe!” They chatted, laughed and were soon out of sight.

Automatic Plant Watering System