Santosh Avvannavar chats with Harsha Badami Nagaraj, Engineer with more than 12 years of experience working in Tech, Sunnyvale, California, USA (

Santosh: Do you think children must or should learn coding?

Harsha: I think coding is an essential skill for kids to have. We live in a digital age everything around us is going digital. These days kids grow up with tablets and phones right from a very young age so it becomes very important for kids to understand and be able to work with the technology around them as they grow up coding becomes the basic literacy requirement. Coding helps children with communication, math, writing creativity & also in building confidence. For all these reasons I do think coding becomes very essential for kids to learn.

Santosh: What age do you think its right to start coding?

Harsha: I consider coding to be just another language. The languages teach kids how to communicate. They're learning English or Kannada, so they are learning how to communicate with people so children should be exposed to learning different languages at an early age it helps them to understand the world around them better. Every letter in the alphabet has a special code of zeros and ones encoding. These zeros and ones give the technology around us the directions on how to perform and what they should be doing so what better way for kids to understand coding. In addition to that it also helps build the creativity and problem solving skills for these reasons I feel that kids can start as early as kindergarten or like for standard.

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