Today I tried a fun activity & taking the test/challenge from Rod Judkins book (ideas are your only currency) on "The best technology has personality". The task is to design a cheese grater on three strongest design influencers. Initially, I thought of  

  1. Octopus, which can be inverted
  2. and the sucker part of Octopus resemble a perforated metal structure and this could help in smooth grating of cheese  
  3. The head of the Octopus as a collection bin.

However, I have a thought that grating could be fun but collection of grated cheese could be a challenge. This led me to design with a star fish which has Ampullae like perforated metal for grating and collection could take place in a wooden/metal tray. The personal obsessions are - invertebrate, metal and wooden/metal plank. If you find the design awful, please help me to make better through your thoughts!  

Credit: Starfish - Water vector created by brgfx -