NEP 2020 is the 1st education policy of the 21st century inline with SDG4 (Sustainable Development Goal 4 -2030). The policy aims at Sustainable Development/ Atmanirbhar. It aims at Cognitive capacities, Foundational capacities, Numeracy, & Higher order cognitive capacities. The higher order includes critical thinking and problem solving; Social, ethical and emotional capacities/ dispositions.

The Fundamental Principles of NEP 2020 are:

  1. Recognising, identity and fostering the unique capabilities of each student.
  2. Holistic development
  3. Foundation Literacy and Numeracy of students by Grade 3.
  4. Flexibility in learning, trajectories/ programmes choose their own paths to nurture talents and interests.
  5. No hard separations between Arts & Science, curricular & extra curricular, vocational or academic streams.
  6. Multidisciplinarity and holistic education
  7. Conceptual understanding
  8. Creativity & critical thinking (logical decision making and problem solving)
  9. Ethics & Humans & Constitutional values
  10. Promoting multilingualism and power of language in teaching and learning.
  11. Life skills - Communication, collaboration/teamwork, cooperation, resilience
  12. Formative assessment
  13. Use of technology
  14. Diversity and local context in all curriculum, pedagogy and policy.
  15. Full equity and inclusion
  16. Synergy in curriculum across all levels of education.
  17. Teachers as the heart of the learning process.
  18. Continuous review of progress.
  19. Education is a public service; access to quality education must be considered a basic right of every child.
  20. Community participation

The policy envisages that the curriculum & pedagogy of our institutions must develop among the students a deep sense of respect towards the fundamental duties and constitutional values. Deep rooted pride in being Indian in spirit, intellect and deeds; knowledge, skills, values and dispositions - truly global citizens.

Do you think NEP 2020 would help in improving/removing rote learning/ marks based system?