There must be laughing in head to several on reading such pamphlets in 2020 to a generation that is aware of fax machines. One would laugh through a way thinking on availability of outdated technology but not the idea. This form of communication is continuously replaced by emails, WhatsApp etc. Their is likely to be something new in near future and it must not surprise others. How many still remember  Yahoo! Messenger?

Even if a group of frustrated, disappointed people who are in denial and believe earlier format of communication was best. This group hates technology in general but not the ideas. They also might own such technology but hate such existence. They have a story though fictional, driven through philosophy and little science. They’re confused by technology-babble. An EdTech litmus test with such a group is challenging, higher and risky. It's like sitting on a fence. And someone has to sit!

How do you help such a group? Start by asking questions that have science, for example, do successful people live in such fear? There must be a loud No! We need to help them with a solution.

  1. Talk to them in plain language of convenience. No technology-babble.
  2. Objectively analyse the need from scratch. Talk on the myths.
  3. Teach them how to use it.
  4. Guide them in picking the right way to start. Be on their side!
Not everything free is good and not every good thing is free! Philosophically, value the creators so that there is more creation.