For 1445 Indian citizens there is one doctor, little lesser than WHO norm of 1:1000*. Is ratio right for the number of hours of consultations and diagnoses? According to Dr. Vinay Muttagi from HCG Cancer Centre Hubli says, “There are three kind of patients:

Patients seek for family consent and support for emotional/ financial

first one’s are who see a doctor for illness may not be decision makers for further treatments. They would need to consult the head of the family for financial and moral support.

Google Reviews & Search Matter

Second one’s are Google believers! They often come with some understanding though half baked. The third one’s are Doctor shoppers! They would like to hear from more than one doctors.”

Dr. Vinay believes that there could be engagement programs before the doctor meets the patient. General awareness through leaflets, posters, patients testimony, clinical trials information through Television, and technology such as humanoid that could ease the apprehension of patients through simple gestures such as welcome, asking to feed data assuming the receptionist hands are full or might not pay attention to each patient. Technology interventions are as important as many human interventions for patients.

In quest of helping doctors as school goer, Mr. Vipul thinks of a Chatbot to reduce his parents consultation time who are doctors. A sneak view to his idea -

ChatBot interaction