Over 1.5 ago I happened to come across an amazing storyteller who was in Class 2 of Stewart School Bhubaneswar. This little wonder, Udita Khuntia story telling passion is sown by none other than her father Dr Debi Prasanna Khuntia.

My conversation with Udita and her father Dr Debi gave an interesting insight into parenting. Dr Debi identified her interest at the age 4 and has been highly supportive to nurture her interest in writing story, reading, narration of stories. She has a pen poem too! Seeing her fly, I feel age is just a number for children like Udita.

I admire her adaptability of picking any story format, being its narration or writing poem for her age is commendable.

As a regular message I happened to share information about Starter Kit to Dr. Debi. He immediately ordered a box for her.

Without calling out myself as a mentor/ well wisher I had deep in me that Udita could write/narrate stories by building interesting projects. People can be creative and I am hoping Udita would surprise me on this front as well. She is taking her first complimentary class of robotics and Dr. Debi thinks she is liking and enjoying building projects.

I am curious and eager to see a newer storytelling format using robots/ projects with starter kits as newer props.

Link to our conversation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ3DQGMHjao&t=157s

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