Not everyone may like what you do, but those who do, will never stop admiring your beginning.

Starting issues. To start is a difficult thing. This thinking exists in all aspects. God took a few days before humans were created. In winter vehicles have starting problems either due to cold batteries or thicker engine oil. This does exist at work like Monday morning blues, academic sessions after a long vacation, health habits like exercises and so on. Making a habit is difficult. Humans will have some intrinsic motivation but several tasks need external motivation. This external force required is higher and that might test time and patience to get going. History has startling and honest revelation from people whom we admire and like to follow their footsteps. One of such examples is of Ms. Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe 1994. She had withdrawn her application from Miss India beauty pageant when she heard that Ms. Aishwarya Rai is taking part in it. She thought of a contest against a safe opponent the next year. But her mother, Mrs. Shubeer Sen instilled courage to face and history has an answer to it. Listen to short and inspiring thoughts on - “Your intention should be right!

In this video Ms. Sushmita Sen says, “We couldn’t afford designer clothes for participation in Miss India and one would need 4-5 different costumes. We belong to middle-class people and we are aware of our limitations. However, my mother believed that my beauty is something people would admire more than clothes. We bought clothes from Sarojini Nagar market and a humble and unpopular tailor who often stitched petticoats made the winning gown. My mother made a rose out of remaining fabric. On winning I realised, one doesn't need money to get the desired outcome; intention should be right.”

So next time you have starting issues and issues of rejection or not admirers think of Ms. Sushmita Sen’s journey of Miss India. Admire your starting issue to kick start into the future! The defining moment in everyone's life is not that it has starting issues; it is that you begin to believe in oneself.