Education is important for tech specs but it can’t always be a means to do everything. Because education can be ‘behind-the-times’ and often lacks the need of industry requirements. Hence one needs to debunk the learning or start afresh. Another way is to bring a closer correlation to classroom learning to applications. Though this is hard to practice in a poor education setup. However, one could view such inexperience has a valuable asset. But, How? Inexperience comes with no fear. As this fear is out, one might not know that something was impossible. This is a story of several startups.

On a regular chat to founders of QtPi robotics I understand they spent over a year before the first set of unique and affordable building blocks were out for hands-on experimentation. I think people would have discouraged them through questions like - would kids of age 6 be able to build a robot? I am sure impossible would have been a word that would have echoed from several conversations with people. Inexperience can help achieve innocent success. Inexperience doesn’t understand - It couldn’t be done. Rather it would ask - why wouldn’t it be done? There lies a difference that inexperienced people could bring! By asking questions, it arises to possibilities and ways to do it.

Next someone questions your inexperience, use the innocent ability to solve by taking up a challenge to debunk the myth! And I am sure several startups would love this challenge.