In the world we live in today, almost every single thing is connected in some way to the internet. The Internet of Things is a pretty simple concept — taking all the things in the world and connecting them to the internet.

“Internet of Things: the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.”⚓


All things connected to the internet can be divided into three categories:

  • Things that collect information and then send it
  • Things the receive information and act on it
  • Things that do both

Some examples of IoT in our day to day life:

  1. Your day starts with the ringing of your smart alarm, which is connected to your phone so it can show you the notifications you received during your beauty sleep.
  2. You can turn on/off the lights/fans with a simple command to your google assistant/Alexa.
  3. You get up and ready for work while yelling “Alexa! What’s the weather today?” so you know what kind of clothes to wear.
  4. You turn on the heater in your tesla from your phone because Alexa said it’s quite chilly.

Our projects can be your first step towards actually creating your own IoT projects. Here are some of the projects the QtLearn has to offer:

  1. Keeping track of room temperature using ThingSpeak : Yes, now this project will teach you how you can create an end to end project that can read room temperature for you throughout the day and plot a visualization(graph) on ThingSpeak. How easily you can keep track of your room conditions! Isn't that cool 😉

2. Voice Controlled LED(ALEXA) : LED is nothing but Light Emitting Diode. You must have seen smart LEDs in market. Now you can build one! This project will teach you how you can build your own smart LED, on the command of Alexa the LED will turn on/off 💡

3. Voice Controlled Fan(GOOGLE ASSISTANT) : "Hey Google, turn on the fan" as simple as that, this project will teach you how you can connect google assistant to your project and give command to the hardware(DC motor) which will turn on the fan for you! 🎉

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