The year 2020 witnessed debate on viewing “technologies” as gadgets with a view that was the best alternative for learning or a bad tool for learning from screen time and health hazardous perspectives. Learning in several systems is viewed with end results, marks! However, the learning enable users is not about involving technologies but connecting people, values, norms and social contexts. The online tool provides resources often customised and relevant to the learners objectives. This way it helps the users to be in continual development, solve challenges, observe to several views and enrich the perspectives, help in bringing newer thinking processes and focus on the outcome through collaboration. Let's take an example of Genie Platform -

The user profile page helps to know and understand the fellow learner. Connect people with similar interests.

The discussion forum helps learners to share views, reviews, questions, teach one another, recommendations on the present and other resources.
The live session helps learners to meet, strengthen group processes and build communities.

The doubt clearing session allows learners to question and gain confidence by seeking answers through mentors and peers.

The quizzes/ assessments help learners to evaluate themselves through metacognitive skills.

The blogs & QtPi students ambassador program helps to share their story of learning through text, video, and comments from others. This could be a rich source of resource for someone to organise to their interests.

More about Genie Platform : click here