Choices are hard to come by but when they come it could be hard to make a right choice! Is, less is more a right mantra for producers and consumers?

Have you been to a wedding where the choices of food dishes (items) are innumerable? How exciting was it? I am sure eyes & mouth must be drooling; ears must be pleased and mind must be singing all the way to the buffet. As a consumer did you like the idea of choice? I think its a big YES! Wait a moment! Did your hands get on all of the dishes? Hmm. I think it must be a big NO! I know exceptions exist but it must be minuscule. Let switch the similar scenario to supermarket. Consumers are offered more choices for the same item, for example, bread. Some kinds are: milk bread, wheat bread, millet bread, mixed grains bread, sandwich bread, multigrain bread, garlic bread and so on. Do you think this degree of choice is inherently to the consumer’s advantage? As a personal experience, for some items its fine but for purchase interest goes low as one moves from one item to another. No wonder one makes a list of items for purchase otherwise shopping through is no less than a marathon walk in larger supermarkets.

I had several such thoughts on QtPi Robotic kit. Do we divide the kit into several boxes to help consumers to pick as Kit 1, Kit 2 and so on. This was with an assumption of affordability. However, I had this internal conflict firstly, the tagline of the product is One Kit Unlimited Possibilities. In case it is split then the objective is misplaced. Secondly, “learning”, is the present continuous (verb tense) reflecting ongoing action or outcomes that's going to take place in the near future. And I think kit matures in a child’s development cycle. In other words its a kit not a toy that loses its age appropriateness. I know its a difficult call. The decision must lie in helping consumers to offer better choice or simplify choice in their chosen category. In other words, less is more!