One of the interesting criticisms of people who could put to defence is - don’t preach if you don’t practice. Fairly, right to have an opinion but is it healthy to shut up?! Bob Ulrich, Target’s former CEO & Chairman, believes that just because you don’t have money doesn’t mean you don’t have taste. Such belief could create somersault thinking. Such beliefs often pave a way to problems! Let's delve in with some examples. Every game has a timeline, for example, a board game takes a few hours to complete one set. Do you recall playing it for hours in summers? Games are often designed independent to learning. And a culture is built around games. Such a belief system has created a period called out ‘games’ in schools time tables. Though it's a loosely inter-dependent activity to learn. However, the expectation from the game period is rejuvenation, fun and healthier.

Since 2016 QtPi wanted to introduce QtSchool STEAM lab as intramural, where academic and STEAM education go together. Though it started as a club activity like games period eventually integrated into the academics. The challenge was to build a project within a period, 30-40 min. QtPi kit (known as QtKit) and content to fit this expectation, where a group could build a project and learn the basics. The culture of games that is often related to “bigger is better” is broken through such thinking. And this has lead to reaching to 30K+ students in less than 4 years and a new kind of culture has evolved that they believed in.

QtSchool Lab