Every generation has toiled to build a better future. For generation it was just that education did matter however for some profession it demanded skills and this continues to be in a series. In world becoming competitive in securing a seat for education or cracking a job interview, the generation is expected not to just to work on skills but use them creatively. As rightly said by Robert Greene, “The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” This is reality to accept and do something for kids.

Being dilemma is not be apologetic by not trying ways to see if dilemma would yield great result or not. With attention time deletion and ask for entertainment is increasing several folds.

At QtPi, some parents genuine question were:

  • If robotics is right for my child?
  • Is it too early?
  • Its is worth an investment?

Here we bring a subscription option for parents to try!  A kit of a constant new set of stimuli to keep kids happy, learning and playing. Here is the parent who was in dilemma if robotics for right or too early to introduce for her daughter - https://youtu.be/UMlINtmVHMo

Robotics for kids

Like to know more about the subscription based robotics offering, check out - www.qtpi.in  Or call us to discuss.

Subscription kit is a great way to explore your child’s interest or encourage your child’s creativity. As a modern and aspiring parents, who are looking for

  1. Building skills of 21st century
  2. Occupy kids in creative projects
  3. Relate and apply concepts of Physics and Mathematics in STEM learning.
  4. Help in the development of imagination, creativity and cognitive skills.
  5. Build toys than buy a toy

As we know these are going to be our future.