5 min School podcast!

Santosh Avvannavar in podcast conversation with SSVM Institutions Director Mrs. Y L Lakshmi Niranjan to reflect on the need of preschools for kids age 2 plus.

Mrs. Y L Lakshmi believes that for children's development preschools can be highly beneficial. Preschools can help in growth physically and cognitively opportunities and social interactions.

Mrs. Y L Lakshmi stress on the language skills that school ecosystem could facilitate which could have limited scope in home. Several other auxiliary strengths such as confidence and independence, social skills are possible in a safe and nurturing environment in schools.

Moreover, attending preschool can also help children get ready for the structure and expectations of a formal school setting, making the transition to elementary school smoother. However, it's also important to keep in mind that every child is different and may have different needs and preferences.

Some children may thrive in a preschool setting, while others may do just as well or better in a different educational environment, such as a home-based program or with a private tutor. Ultimately, the best decision depends on the individual needs and circumstances of each child and their family.

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