Breaking down the concepts of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to kids could be a herculean task if not simplified in their own words.

One of the way to put A.I. is -

Earlier humans relied on their intelligence and believed that only humans could perform tasks. However, A.I. could also perform tasks that humans could.

Another interesting example to compare with programming. Computers were told what to do and how to react for the given inputs. However, A.I. shows that machines can learn like humans. This infer that machines can take their own decisions referring to A.I.

One of very interesting examples to present A.I., Robots and Machine Learning is the Laundroid. It’s a clothes folding machine. Check out the video -

The machine uses databases to scan the clothes to learn and makes a decision to fold. It takes about 10 minutes for each clothes to fold.

Examples and illustrations like this would help kids to learn about any technologies. Do share other examples you have come across.