Do you recall those days where a friend who taught just a few days before exams and you cracked the exam. You were taken by surprise on the success of cracking the exam! What did that one friend do that teacher failed to do in the entire semester? What’s this magic wand? Does it mean a friend is better than a teacher? I would begin arguably with a grey area than creating a make-belief system of right-wrong. Because the friend who taught must have some impact of learning through the teacher in the classroom. I see a friend could be a better teacher for the following reasons-

  1. Information presented could be contextualised, made relevant with examples and cases and both owned as there is a target (semester exam in this article).
  2. Coherent framework that could be driven by model papers, understanding the syllabus and omission of units/part of the study area. This exercise is often not encouraged by teachers.
  3. Importantly the language of understanding could also help in pivot.

The students ambassador program at QtPi takes such thinking into consideration. Where students lead through a FB Live session where knowledge is given away, and shared. We also think it must be replicated and reapplied by others. This enforcement act helps a teacher (student in this case) to believe that by sharing the knowledge is enhanced.

Do you think there is any better way to learn than to teach others? Isn’t innovation enabling us to do new things in new ways?

To know more about QtPi Students Ambassador Program: click here