Some interesting questions that makes eyes droll, widens ear and raise eyebrows are - how did one innovate it? where does one get this idea? why don’t I get such ideas? Typical self pat answers are - the person is lucky, I am not great as that person and so on. This might have been true to a certain levels  during three generations ago. Now, change is instant. Introduction of computers and followed by internet and several other forms of technology have together reorder the way we would have never imagined. This tells us that economies are dependent on innovators and creative people.

If one had ask where are ideas? I think we are surrounded by ideas I.e., books, films, conversations, architectural monuments and so on is an idea of someone. These idea could have emerged while bathing or having a quiet time with a book or nature. This tells us ideas could happen not just over a coffee. However, the ideas at several times stop here! As ideas could fail in mind than in a reality. So one needs to tinker with their ideas to see a great book, film, conversation or architecture. This in turn gifts a person with skills that an idea by itself don’t give. Skills such as open minded, adaptable, problem-solver, artist and so on. To draw an analogy an athlete works hard for several years for a game. Athletes do several hours of exercises and heavy weight lifting to train their body. This simple analogy tells us ideas and tinkering would push a person in a new direction.

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