It is important to realize that being skeptical or having doubts against early age coding is good to have and is also quite often.

On the contrary, many scholars state that early age coding is necessary. Coding and programming is also a language like English and other native languages we learn at school, it only adds a pinch of logical thinking.

We often do not realize but coding is innate to many kids just like he is to History, Geography or  Math for example. Just how other subjects can be made interesting,  coding can be fun too, only when taught right. Here comes the real challenge,  to finding someone to train your kids to code. We do know how important of a role a teacher can play, because a lot of us didn't have the kind of teacher we needed.

If I had to choose only one subject for my kid, it would be coding,  above all. Not because I expect them to work in the IT industry but because it's proven to enhance thinking and foster creativity.

Also if I had to choose between coding or swimming,  I will always choose swimming,  even if my kid wants to code.

You can always give it a try, see if it really is making a difference or not. Sure you could steal two hours from your kids weekly schedule,  if you can't,  then  maybe you have a bigger problem to solve.

It is more than necessary for parents to not blame the coding or programming classes. You can blame the fee, hate the hype and get tired of their exaggerated claims, but do not let them polarise you against the early age coding, for coding is the new literacy.

Code to play, code to think.

( clue credits : Jason Leon)