‘Creativity comes out from usual and unusual objects’

Sticking to vision is like hoping for heaven in spite of all odds on the earth. No mankind can be assured of heaven in spite of the deeds on the earth. It is mysterious though binding and connecting humans to the creator. This analogy is very much true for visionaries who stick to their ideas. And their outcomes tell us a story that keeps us bound and connected! These stories help us learn and unlearn. Presenting one of such story:

David, my husband seems unstoppable in his attitude to teach children. There are some kind of invisible wheels beneath his legs that keeps him rolling, active and happy. For the last thirty years I have never tried applying breaks because of his indebted love and passion towards the work. I have hardly seen him having any interest in gaining materialistic things but there was a thing that he was upto to help children to achieve something. This all looked fine till early 1990’s but post-retirement he joined a private school to keep his passion alive. Whenever I asked him about retirement, he would quip smilingly ‘till my last breather I will not retire.’ This ideology didn’t seem to go well as I observed him returning home exhausted, being quieter and worried than in the past. Otherwise over dinner he would tell tales about his students, ability of them and shower them with praises. Eventually I saw him becoming an introvert from an extrovert person for over a month. One fine day sipping coffee, I inquired on the reasons behind his silence. Lifting his eyes he said, I don’t know what to do! I wondered, what happened? Probing him further he said, ‘students of earlier generations took education seriously but now (pauses).’ Now, what happened? asked I. ‘Now-a-days many students bunk , don’t collaborate with  teachers and (pauses)’ said he. I tried to pacify ‘generations change’ by saying. ‘You are absolutely right! Generation can change but students missing their classes would mean missing vision of the day.’ Vision? I asked. ‘Yes, each day in the class and field there are unusual and usual objects that attract us to be invented to be used for man-kind. Closing eyes and ears would mean losing vision. I’m not sure if there are solutions to all the problems, I am not sure…’ he murmured again as he got up for a stroll. I knew he was right!

What are you sticking to?

At QtLearn (www.qtlearn.in) we are sticking to create an ecosystem for kids to code, work on their ideas, build prototypes with robotic kit, and present it to the world. Check out some of fascinating things our kids build : https://www.youtube.com/qtpirobotics