We must be awe with informal games that played with different age groups. These game had process but rules were mend based on props, space and strengths of players. This brought a lot of fun with little to no competition. And these memories no one could take away from individuals! These community informal games brought value and helped in develop professionalism.

Genie Platform designed by QtLearn powered by QtPi robotics have applied these insights in the formal online coding learning setup that adds value through the students centric where students are allowed and encouraged to participate-do mistakes-corrected through a different touch points such as discussion forum, chat with peer and a mentor. The ecosystem also help in connections and friendships. They start as a group and end up being a team through opportunities to act as experts and professionals for a finite time and space. These experiences are very much like informal games that are played in the community. In the learning space like Genie, one might also learn and develop social obligations to help others. This way the process of receiving and giving is established without being called out!

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