We are asking people of all walks of life if coding would create something like "Factory model school", which is often critiqued where people are massed produced to achieve a goal/ requirements.

A Twitterati @FGardenstate says, "Unlike our generic academics, robotics or coding requires variety of skills. This creates a very intellectually conductive environment to help kids think out of box. A view if we produce (manufacture) a group of intellectual individual who can change the way we see the world, we should be happy about being a part of it."
A Twitterati @jaisonleon says, "1. If taught right, Coding/no code is the best language of an effective communication. The closest references are Math & Physics. Their contribution is net positive. You can't bluff with Coding or Math. 2. Subservience is not new to humankind. 3% People rule & 97% follow. Don't fret :)."
Harsh Bengani a engineering student says, "Computer education has become more relevant today and I think coding would be a standardised subject for all kids in coming decade. Coding is not just about automation, coding can become a way of expression."

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