Today is my graduation day and each gold medalist from respective departments needs to give their toast. I’m very excited for being one among them. As soon as my name was called out, I jumped to say that was in me for the last six years. I looked at my dad before beginning my speech. He was seated in closed arms with a thumbs up position indicating his happiness!

While I was ten year young, my elder brother and I used to do role plays by being a police-thief, doctor-patient and so on. One of those role-plays has made me today. I said, “I want to be an engineer.” My brother who himself is an engineer today asked me, “which branch?” As a young girl (not that I’m old today says with wit), I didn’t understand his question earlier. As I grew a little older to understand, I replied to him in similar role-plays, “I want to be a mechanical engineer.” “No”, said the brother, “you’re a girl, it's a boy's branch.” “But”, I quickly replied, “Dad said that I can be a mechanical engineer.” This young girl’s faith is the proof of that which I did not yet see, and I counted it as being already mine, because it had been already promised by my father. Thank you, dad, for helping me count my blessings and adding one more today.