Ways AI Can Make the Classroom Fun and More Engaging for teachers and students is an experience in it self. Teachers may aid their students learn by watching how an AI tool like autodraw & quickdraw is teaching their students to achieve their goals. As the AI continues to learn and improve its prediction skills, it can monitor learners needs and give suggestions that kids can use to be successful at home and school. AI can also help studying students optimize their effort for learning or homework.

AI tools makes learning fun! AI games and tools can be fun for the learner, teacher and students! AI is great! AI can help teachers be more effective by saving time. This way, AI will help us to teach our kids something new and even teach us new content we never thought.

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Educators Create Interactive Classrooms?

Teacher Sowmya C S, a teacher of NPS Banashankari, Bengaluru who was one of participants for "AI for Educators" session by QtPi shares her experience of using AI tool.

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Conversation with a teacher of NPS Banashankari

So far 1600+ educators have benefited from the "AI for educators" session.

A teacher with zero experience with AI becoming a fan of AI to integrate teaching and learning.

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