AI tools to save time in teaching and learning. AI tools are simple, easy and fun to integrate in subjects.

Middle school teacher Sabita Mohapatra of NPS Jalahalli Bengaluru shares her experience of using AI tools such as Autodraw in the classroom. She believes AI tools could be a gamechanger as students were found to be attentive and participative in learning. In the computer-centric education system in a pandemic, using AI to unleash the genius of the kids is a great start. For the teacher, AI tools have become a time saver.

With AI tools such as Autodraw, teaching becomes fun and students become more responsible. The teacher can teach any subject to the students without any experience, one could become a fan of AI. With Autodraw, it becomes easy for the teachers to create funny and interesting diagrams to visualize the subject matter in a clear, precise and fun way.

Sabita teaches Science for middle school and she finds these AI tools handy where one gets a 30 minute slot as a period. Earlier, she would draw on board or use tools like MS Paint or pick images relevant to the lesson plan. Following which students would draw on the workbook. These were daunting tasks for teachers who had to manage home, kids and students. To her surprise, AI tools make the teaching process considerably easier and enjoyable. Moreover, the tools have enabled Sabita to involve the students in drawing along with her as she teaches.

Grade 6th - Science Class - The Leaf

In a pandemic when laboratories are closed, demonstration of basic science apparatus to explain could be overcome with these AI tools. Sabita says, "It's a creative bent of mind of educators to explore and utilise tools like AI for the benefit of teachers and students." The impact of AI tools continues to be felt even today in the classroom.

Educators could use AI tools by teachers of subjects like Language, Maths and Science, says Sabita. AI tools could help through teacher teaching, classroom management and easily downloadable handouts. An eco-friendly co-creation learning!

Grade 5 - Science Class - Nutrients

Educators like Sabita must inspire and motivate teachers to easily adopt NEP 2020 through strategic tools like AI. The tools do help in - Thinking about the possibilities! - Taking the next steps! - Choosing actions! - Incorporating the next phase! - Staying the course! - Building a unique learning experience!

AI tools to save time, engage kids and hands-on!