If someone asks me how to make classrooms a learning place? Its teacher who reaches out and connects with students through discovery and learning something new. The need of retaining the learning in memory happens through learning something new. On 7th July 2021 QtPi had organised - AI Session for Educators a capacity building webinar which had experiential learning using Autodraw & Quickdraw tools. The Artificial Intelligence session was attended by 170 educators of NPS Banashankari & Jalahalli campuses.

On 8th July I received a message on WhatsApp from the Academic Director, Ms. Grace who received from one of her teachers' of NPS Banashankari as follows -

The webinar was a real learning process for all the educators like us.
In one of my EVS classes I conducted a drawing activity about body parts.
I implemented the drawing tool and it was really an amazing and handy tool.I could neatly teach all my students. Here are a few pics of my fruitful session in today's class. Thank you for upgrading us!
- Shubhashree BK

As one of the webinar leads I was thrilled to hear/know a quick adaptation and implementation in the classroom. As I reached out to the team with the news, the team was in celebration mode and we decided to honor the teacher. I also requested for a quick chat the following day, 9th July. I was happy to see a quick response on willingness to share class experience of teaching using AI tools. The teacher set an example of not just a quick learner but also a quick implementer.

In conversation with the teacher, Shubhashree says, "The tool was very handy for an online class time of 30 min where I have to draw and teach. Then parents need to help their kids to draw at home. The tool helps to achieve all tasks in 30 min if planned. This is real time saver."

Check this conversation to learn how artificial intelligence can be used in the classroom. We will explore different applications of AI in education and talk with educators about the impact of these changes.

Educator share her experience of usage of Autodraw tool in the classroom

As a teacher, Shubhashree understands the role to play in how students are being affected by the digital space.

One of drawing's by her students using AI Autodraw tool
As I reflect on the events that unfolded, I pen a quote - "A right tool, a right mindset sets the right learning".

AI tool usage in science class!

Mrs. Sabita, NPS Jalahalli (Science class)
Can AI help to create interactive classroom environments that are engaging for students? Teacher Akshatha Kamath of NPS Jalahalli campus who shares her experience of using AI tool for teaching & learning.
Educator share experience of AI tool in CCA session (Co-curricular Activity)

Teacher Sowmya C S, a teacher of NPS Banashankari, Bengaluru who was one of participants for "AI for Educators" session by QtPi shares her experience of using AI tool. Click here - https://blog.qtlearn.in/an-tool-tool-that-makes-classroom-a-fun-place-to-be-for-kids/

Educator share experience of using AI tools in the classroom

2K milestone: We thank school leaders and principals for trusting in us and providing an opportunity to train #teachers on #AI tools to make classroom a fun place to be. We continue to witness several educators are integrating in their subjects.

Milestone 2000+ educators & 70+ schools have participated in AI for Educators workshop

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NPS Banashankari & Jalahalli some Teachers' Feedback

The Session was excellent. Involving participants in practically made the session very impressive and interesting. We need many more workshops like this in future.
I learned about new tools that I can use in my class to make it more interesting.
I really enjoyed the session a lot. Learned how to draw quickly using Auto draw. I also like the way the session was conducted.
It was very informative and interesting. Enjoyed and learnt a lot from this session. Thank you so much.
Got to know that I'm creative too! Thanks for the wonderful session, it was fun, relaxing and also got to learn many things which we can use during teaching. I can imagine the excitement of students too !
It was very interesting and joyful. Learnt many things and done first time. Wonderful session, thanks to the whole team.