Wherever you are,

near or 20 miles far,

You can open your door.

with no worries anymore.

No need of keys

Open it with ease

And most importantly, it’s safe and sound.

Isn’t spellbound?

Father is talking on the phone while the two sisters are playing after finishing their studies.

Father says “Can you please reschedule the meeting to the day after tomorrow?.........But, nobody ……. Okay……...I know it’s really important………I’ll try.”

Srestha: “Hey sister, I am so happy that our grandparents are coming tomorrow! They haven’t visited us for over a quinquennium. I am also excited for the ‘Rhyme Time’ tomorrow, it’s going to go on till 7pm.”

Srija: “You are right sis. I too feel that ripple of excitement. But there is a problem, nobody will be home to let them in. We can’t give them keys either. They are really old now; they can’t wait for long. I too have an event tomorrow. Everybody is busy! Mum and dad have a really important meeting too.”

Father and mother try to find a solution. Predicting their question, little Srestha said

Srestha: “No no, don’t even think about it mum, I am not missing the rhyme time! Didi also needs to give a speech tomorrow and sing!”

After some time, everybody decides to give the home keys to a very trusted friend next door. Father instructs them.

The next day, when everybody reached home, they were happy to see the guests in the house safely.

Grandma: “That was not safe, giving keys to others!”

We agreed but there was no other way. Next time we will be ready.

Srija thinks over and over and finally gets an idea. She asked her sister to give a name and she gave it as ‘Automatic pass protected door’

The idea is nice and is useful in such cases. But the model cannot be used directly. It has to be manufactured so that we can use it in real life.

The main benefit of this is that no matter where you are, you can open the door. All you need is the internet (IOT), the password and the person, who wants to get in, should stand in front of the door.

Srija Ghosh's idea and project, Smart Door which can be operated from a remote location using password. 

Note: At QtPi Robotics we encourage children not just to convert idea into a project but also work on writing and presentation skills. We believe STEAM education is an amalgamation of our "I" component in DESI Model (Design, Electronics, Software and Integration). Integration is also about adding skills with technology. Its like one breathed into project nostrils and it became breath of life! One of such effort is from Ms. Srija Ghosh, contributor to the poem, story, idea and project with solution using QtPi Robotic kit. We are very happy and thankful for her contribution! If you would like to know more about the QtPi Robotic kit (click here) and would like to be a contributor get in touch with us through contact us www.qtpi.in