Thinking of a robotic kit for your child? If that's on your mind, then you're in the right place.

QtPi has indigenously designed the kit which contains building blocks (Qbits), Electronics (Motherboard, Plug & Play Sensors/actuators) and Software Platform (Drag and Drop Programming) using which kids can build their own robots and control them using the Apps created using drag and drop programming platform. This tactile learning promotes STEM & computational thinking among children. The innovative building blocks are simple yet flexible enough to create infinite shapes. The Electronics components add magic to the creation.

QtKit Package Details:

  • Robotics Kit which contains building blocks (Q-bits), Electronics (Motherboard, Plug & Play Sensors/actuators)
  • 8 Sessions of Self Learning Content
  • Coding Platform & LMS Access for 1 year
QtKit Overview


Which Age group is suitable for Robotics?

Suggested age group: Age 9+

How many days does it take to receive the kit from time of order?

Across India: 5-7 days

How much is the shipping cost?

Rs.750/- (Seven hundred fifty) across India

What are the Payment modes available?

Online payment

What are the discount options available?

We are currently running a Limited Time discount offer of 15% (Actual price: 20,000/- Discounted Price: 17,000) with additional benefits worth 3000.

What is the warranty for the Robotic kit?

The product is not covered under warranty

Replacement policy? Within how many days we can replace the kit?

We will replace the kit or component if you find any manufacturing defect.  

If any components are not working after receiving the package will it be replaced?

The components can be replaced within 30 days if you find manufacturing   defects.

Can we buy the components cost of repairing or replacement? Price list for extra components?

Yes, you can buy extra components needed for your projects. Pricing list here.

Which coding language will you be using for this course?

Code2Play (based on MIT App Inventor) is the programming language used.

How can we control the robotics built?

The robots are controlled using an Android mobile app built using the programming platform.

Does the Platform work for iPhone or MacBook?

Apps developed with Code2Play works only with Android phones.

Do you have a referral policy?


What  advantages I can get if I give reference ?

The referrer gets Rs. 500/- and the person who used the referral will get additional sensor (APDS and Gyro module)

What if the student has a doubt about the recorded content will you arrange a live session only to clear the doubt?

Forum Access is available to clear the doubts.  

Any demo session will be provided?

Please reach us on 080 4711 2515 for details about the kit and live sessions.

How to keep children engaged with the coding and activities on their own after the course completion?

The package comes with access to Coding & LMS platform for 1 year. Students can build their own projects and showcase to other students as well as choose to join Live Coach sessions for advanced courses.

What’s the background of the company?

QtPi was set up in 2016 by the alumnus of Indian Institute of Science(IISc)     and the Tech experts from Microsoft, Yahoo! & Oracle.

How many students have attended class?

More than 30,000 students have attend QtPi Classes

What would be the cost if anybody wishes to continue post first year for Platform?

Platform access can be renewed at Rs: 750/-

What is the future advantage of learning Robotics?

Robotics technology influences every aspect of work, home and to all our day to day needs. Most of the industries where robots already underpins employment. Through robotics, students can learn more than just how to code.

What is the trainer’s qualification?

Qualified graduates holding B.Tech/M.Tech degree.

Are your classes interactive?

Our classes deliver 30% content 70% activity based learning.

How is it different from coding?

Robotics includes coding + Hardware. Majority of the kids love robotics and learn coding with the purpose.

Apart from Live Session, how students could present ideas and projects?

We select kids for Students Ambassador Program (click here) who will host a weekend FB Live session (click here) with a mentor on a scheduled day. Apart from this students are encouraged and supported to build and own a Youtube channel - check out Ms. Srija Ghosh channel - click here & Ms. Shruthi - click here We also invite students to participate in invited events like Bengaluru Tech Summit and Robo competitions. Events identified by Parents and Kids are supported by our mentors.

Unboxing of QtKit: Click here

Customer Care Contact: 080 4711 2515