As we come to the last day of 2020 we all stood tall in the challenging year and we are sure this will also pass away. In the last few months we started a flagship program, “Students Ambassador”, led by students and we had the opportunity to witness ten students blossom. QtPi aims to bring inclusivity and affordability from the traditional brick and mortar environment. The argument is not to replace the brick and mortar experience but make it inclusive. As inclusiveness is not about being similar; it is about having similar experience despite differences. We learn to fight out the curiosity. It’s a feeling of deprivation that comes from “what we know” and “what we want to know”. We understand that children are constantly looking for ways out to fill this gap. We believe that teachers touch the future. And we want to leave a mark not mar on young minds.

We take this opportunity to thank parents for their support and students who took lead. In 2021 we hope to have more students to lead & learn by strengthening themselves and the community. In order to help this to happen, we have introduced Genie Platform, a build a coders community. We hope this humble beginning will lead to larger community in the future. To know more about it -

Wishing parents, students and community, a very Happy New Year 2021!

In order to help learners who have attended and missed the FB live sessions, we have complied the videos for practice and learning:
FB Live
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