I am moved by a true story of my father and his two older brothers. Earlier generations have seen, embraced and fought out poverty. Each of one of them had an undershirt (known as Baniyaan) and Lungi, a garment wrapped around the waist and extended to ankles. This was usually attire while being indoor. Whenever they had to attend an interview they had one shirt and one trouser to use. In order to fit all three brothers the tailor had made alteration that would fit all the brothers. I must applaud the tailor for the idea and effort. This concept of “one size fits all” is an amazing for product design that caters to larger purpose and community building.

I could correlate this thinking in the QtPi Robotics kit. The building blocks would fits in seeing ideas into reality and to create several applications/ projects. The kit fits from age of 6+ onwards till any age to plug, play and Innovate. The design understands the youth mind share and believes in youth love for experimentation. Kids & youths like trends and are agile and unlimited projects through one kit is just an answer to such seek. I see the kit as a game changer and youth are game changers. Watching thousands of children tinker shows that they are maturing in learning, responding quickly to changes and concern of everything that's surrounding them. I think products like QtPi Robotics kit, One kit unlimited possibilities are going to be trend setters, game changers and help kids to be responsible.

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