Gift a QtKit

I have built robots for years and always wanted to make it accessible to everyone. I know the amount of time it takes to build, troubleshoot and program a robot. That is when I decided to make an easy to use, plug and play platform. Together with my team, we founded QtPi and in 2 years time we have come up with everything you need to build a robot. We have fully documented online courses, API documentation, step by step video tutorials, community support and more for QtPi Robotics Kit. You can now easily build your dream robot at home or for your school competition.

From beginner to advanced, QtPi is the perfect launching pad for your robotic journey and an amazing gift this Diwali.

With a beginner-friendly programming kit, anyone can learn to code within the shortest time possible. Starting with the basic concepts of coding, this is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Same Kit will help you to create high-end automation projects such as:

1) Voice controlled home automation

2) Build an RC car

3) Control a bot using p5.js sketch

4) Control a bot using Android Phone

5) Control your bot using

6) Control your web app using your robotic Kit

It’s a Scratch like drag and drop programming interface ( MIT App Inventor 2 ) that can be used to start controlling your robot in minutes. Even if you know nothing about programming, there will be no difficulty in understanding it, because it is written in a simple language and has block-based user interface instead of text-based user interface, so you dont have to worry about syntaxes or punctuations as they are not used in programming for this software.

This Diwali, QtPi is excited to lower the entry barrier for early movers. Yes, Get your QtKit at a one time offer of 10,000 Rs + (Shipping) only.

Join me in building the world of tomorrow today. It's never too early. Build a robot…learn to code …the future is up to you!

Jaison Leon, Co-founder

Kit in Action