Doing one time is getting termed as marketing shtick. One time is no more fun for consumers and this is crucial for EdTech companies though others are not spared. Integration isn’t easy and it frequently needs social and cultural movements. In the last 3 years QtPi has pushed the idea of Integrated model of learning robotics. Where coding is part of robotics. Why integration? The simple answer is - its child’s development cycle. And I strongly believe EdTech companies' development (growth) cycle depends on the child's development cycle. The engagements with children can no longer be like corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that gets attention for one time .

The model QtPi follows is termed as DESI and the acronyms stands for Design, Electronics, Software and Integration. This has a correlation to 21st century skills. EdTech have successfully touched upon two 2Cs : Creativity and Critical Thinking but QtPi added other 2Cs: Collaboration and Communication. As children work on ideas and build a prototype always in groups. This would help in collaboration and learning among peers is one of the best bets.

Working in groups - Critical Thinking & Collaboration

Some EdTech companies might stop a buck with 3Cs but 4th C: communication is often neglected. This does happen in the school ecosystem. QtPi has continued to push the fourth Cs through children presentation not just on the project they build but also through the events. Such integration has continued to bring CSV, creating shared value for students, parents and schools. This I believe is a force for positive social change. Such approaches often create value for organisations and others.

Children presentation - Creativity & Communication
School events - Collaboration & Communication
Family bonding - Collaboration & Communication