Next time you buy a product or service look at it more than a purpose and I am sure you would love the idea of pur(chasing) it.

How many would be excited to see a train? I wasn’t. For me it was a mode of transport but the trains brought me closer to the emotions of connection and see the travel as a means to pen my thoughts. I continued to read and write during the trip. I have seen another very strange newer emotion associated for the first timer about trains. During 8th Grade a new fellow student, Mr. Bharat who was born and brought where transportation was only through roads. He had never seen trains till 8th grade. I was surprised and chuckled on knowing about it! Though today I am not surprised as I hadn't seen airplanes closer till I graduated. One day I took Mr. Bharat to see a passing goods train; he was elated and jumped out of joy! It was something like parents' joy of hearing the first word from their child. A frequent traveller in train might be surprised with such behaviour of a 14 year old, Mr. Bharat. Any products or services objective is to introduce a whole new emotion into it. We are witnessing such emotions in several products, for example, cleaning products not just kill germs but also come with aroma. They also talk about environmental aspects as well. Such products have become more than just cleaning!

Kids building a structure for RC Car

I had an unforgettable experience during my first visit to QtPi Robotics as a visitor in 2017. I witnessed kids of 6 years onwards where building structures using just six different sized building blocks. These blocks are easy to plug and bring to the dimension of choices. With simplified and kids friendly electronic components (no hanging wires) the challenge of plugging looked simple on the building blocks. In order to make the physical object (robot, not necessarily humanoid) move, kids were doing simple programming that has blocks to drag and drop. I am using the word ‘simple’ to reflect an effective engineering work! The product is inline with the tagline, Plug Play and Innovate. The joy of not building but also witness the physical object move is something must be a best bet for kids!

Who had imagined 6 year old kids could do? I think there must be laughing in the heads of several people. As just I had with Bharat not seeing trains for a frequent train traveller like me. Such experiences have brought in me, visionaries understands the importance of new emotion or emotional range into the customer’s relationship with their brands. How does it one get to experience the newer emotion? The answer to it is - Next time you buy a product or service look at it more than a purpose and I am sure you would love the idea of pur(chasing) it.