After “twenty years” being in the tech industry we have figured out…

“Why children don’t enjoy curriculum based education but that’s only a way success is measured for employment and social status. How YOU could help your child?”

For those parents and aspiring kids that want to achieve outcomes where constraints are beautiful and one be equipped with skills of the future. One thing above all else to get you to learn anytime and anywhere.

A motivated Innovator!

Dear Parent & learner:

Many times you may be able to find online platforms that seem to look “OK” but nothing stood out from your and child’s aspirations. And the search for better continues, Great, no big deal.

You want to make sure ‘You’ do everything you can to help your child!

And as an innovator ready to work with you…

If you don’t work with a motivated innovator it is difficult to get right learning tools and mentors to build not just skills but also an experience, for example,

QtPi student - Shruthi's Project

Or, in other words you will be dealing with the slow way of equipping your child, the average way.

The faster & fun way, less stressful, creative way. Genie platform & QtPi Robotics Platform we have designed and developed is ready to experience and equip your child with skills.

So, lets get started to it. Lets talk about the Genie platform & QtPi Robotics Platform that you would like to explore . The information will reveal how YOUR CHILD is going to get an experience and build skills. You see, you are the first few privileged parents to the platform. Several years of man experience and heart is poured into it: Why to gift a QtKit to your kid? (click here)

We also want other experiences such as travel, vacation, socialising, charitable activities to continue for your child.

So, what’s holding you back?

Its the platform!

You still have questions, we are here to answer you and check our FAQs: click here

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