Nothing is more important than thinking of creating a better and promising future for our children. A better foundation at an earlier age can build a creative dream towards a successful career.

We know kids now-a-days are more enthusiastic and crave for new experiences and challenges. They learn from experimentation. So, let's ignite young minds towards brighter future and create tomorrow's entrepreneurs.

In order to prepare our children for the future full of technology, QtPi has come up with "GENIE PLATFORM" where we get the recorded coding and robotics content having the customised Grade wise courses for Grade 1 to 12.

Genie platform is a learning management system which is accessible from anywhere and at any time.


1) What is included in GENIE platform offering?

Weekly Doubt Clearing Sessions by Our Experts!!

24/7 Forum Access to discuss doubts and ideas with students across the globe.  

50 Hours of Customised Grade wise Self learning videos

150 Hours of Engagement

Access to programming labs.

Access to Assessments & Certifications.

Early bird Gets 4 Live coding sessions (Batch Size: 6)!! Only for the first 300 users!!

2) Why coding at a younger age ? How will it help my child ?

Coding is about much more than technology. It incorporates logic, problem solving, and creativity in an engaging way for children of all ages.

3) What is the platform and which coding language?

Coding Courses are based on, a great platform for students learning programming. It provides higher flexibility for students to do programming according to their choice. Students can enhance their skills using different programming labs such as Sprite Lab, Play Lab, Artist Lab, App Lab, Game Lab, Web Lab.

4) What is the future advantage of this course?

With the world swiftly moving towards automation, it is imperative to make the future generation ready with the skills required at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution. Most of today's jobs will be accomplished by machines. People with computer programming skills are very well respected today and when the children grow up, they will be building custom robots which could range from autonomous cars to DNA sequence editing nanobots.

5) All the contents are available on YouTube. Why should I enrol in this course?

Self-learning is great. If your kid is a self learner and have someone to help only when stuck? Do you want your child to have a access to exclusive content, forum access to discuss ideas with their age kids? Then this GENIE offering is for your kid.

6) How will it give kids a competitive advantage?

Today’s kids demand rich and quality content. QtPi exclusive customised grade wise content delve into the complexities steadily while making them enjoy the process. Forum access encourages sharing knowledge, collaboration with other kids to execute new ideas. Our forum mentors being amiable with clear concepts encourages team building where they can always make projects with the peers and support when need help.

With students centric approaches, where they are encouraged to share their ideas with peers through weekly live sessions.

QtPi Student in Facebook Live Session

7) If I subscribe, will I get the 50 hours of content in one shot?

Yes, and it can be accessed for one year to learn at own pace.

8) How do the lower grade students post their doubts in the forum?

At first it could be overwhelming for lower grade kids to use the platform and might need some help but once they get used to it they will surprise you.

9) Based on which project will you provide the doubt clearing session?

Doubt clearing sessions are not bound by the project or labs. The mentor will address kids questions above and beyond projects.

10) How to check my child's progress on the platform?

GENIE platform has visual features to check the progress of the courses at a glance.

11) Will I get a certificate?

After completion of the course and an assessment a digital certificate will be generated on the GENIE platform.

12) Do I have an option of taking up the live classes by Mentor later after subscribing to this platform ? What is the procedure ?

Yes, kids can opt for the Live sessions to get access to weekly classes taught by the professional mentor. It also includes doubt clarifications and students presentation support.

QtPi Student Presentation

13) Will I get platform access for a 2 days trial, so that I can think about subscribing ?

You can get access to an age appropriate FREE course to check the GENIE platform.

14) Why self learning platform for kids?

EdTech companies have brought in inclusivity and affordability from the traditional brick and mortar environment. In brick and mortar kids rely on other people to tell them what to do even when they grow up. The present generation will eventually move to online and might look for brick and mortar for hands-on activities like maker space. The young people understand the challenges per se in education, job opportunities and career. The internet presents social dynamics among their peers for the young generation. The argument is not to replace the brick and mortar experience but make it inclusive. As inclusiveness is not about being similar; it is about having similar experience despite differences. We learn to fight out the curiosity. It’s a feeling of deprivation that comes from “what we know” and “what we want to know”. Humans are constantly looking for ways out to fill this gap. Hence self learning platforms are the future for learning, sharing and unlearning.

15) Code.Org & YouTube are free. Why should one pay for some closed stuff which I don't understand?

Thanks for the wonderful question and its widespread one. This question brings to understanding that the coding adds value in many different areas of life such as engineering, medicine etc. This question also appreciates the fact of programming feels effortless once hooked and the learning combines logic, art, storytelling, and business. In simple words it helps us to think and create applications to make our lives better. The reasons why one need to opt for paid versus free:

  1. Bringing plethora of content in one platform is something like reading a published book, watching a movie in a hall. We spend time and money for an experience!
  2. At most one except from learners is to become knowledge constructors. In order to do so we need a source, knowledge creators.
  3. Assurance. One gets relevant and customised to suit the appropriate age group. This is true across several mediums such as Television content. Open source would mean a lot of hard work and research. This would require parental guidance, kids patience and a lot of time.
  4. As a learner, the focus is on the course, learning experience and outcome. Until one is keen in R & D.
  5. Content is king if that helps in achieving an objective.
  6. Learners often like to have extrinsic motivation where the work is visible, gets inputs to better the performance, and help the community.
    We recommend using both kinds of content free and paid.

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