Dear, what happened?, ask Srija hearing a scream

Sister Srija, I came to fetch some water in the kitchen and the power was off. It's dark and I am scared, says Saanchi asking for help

Wait there, let me get a torch to help you out, says Srija

Thank you sister, says Saanchi

Next day, Srija is busy building something. And her sister is curious and asks her, sister Srija, what are you doing?

Srija pauses and replies, I am building Light detection lamp so that you aren't scared from onwards.

Leaning on the table, Saanchi, how this could take away darkness?

Dear, You wait and watch. I shall show you in a moment, says Srija

Sister Srija, Waw! This is wonderful. Hey, I won’t be scared of darkness anymore. Thank you

You’re welcome, says Srija