“Constraints” can push and bury ones desire because we it as a negative thing. It’s a mind game challenge to see if it can be enabling and achieve results. Several startups go through such mind game day in and out. Let me being with some questions - why do we marry one person and exclude others? Even if there was a law to marry more than one person. I am sure you have the answer to this question. Let us take the second question - how do salaried parents take care of needs of family? In these both question constraints exists.

One argument could be these questions are defined around either through consciousness or legal system. How about dynamic constraints? These constraints are visible in petroleum products and FMCG. I have come across an interest antidote approach by a smaller hotelier in Bijapur (now Vijayapura). His approach was interesting and simple, he would set aside monthly budget for vegetables. He would buy anything with the budget set aside. Dynamic price didn’t bother him and he felt this is an ideal way to function with ease. See, constraints can also give peace rather than gasping through the uncontrollable circumstances. I follow this method for weekly purchases.

At QtPi I continue witness such constraints. Let me acknowledge the remarkable constraint - the QtPi Robotic kit box has a set of building blocks and there are only six kind of building blocks. Each blocks is given a label to differentiate from each other. However, there is no fast and hard rule to call them that way! Initially I wondered if there are enough blocks to the tagline - One kit unlimited possibilities. I witnessed several objectives were achievable through a beautiful constraints. Take a look at it - click here

Next you encounter a constrain see it as beautiful and put your heart to bring out a successful strategy.