Schools teach us “every drop counts”, conservation of water is something we all realise as we grow.

Home teach us “every penny counts”, parents show us the value that will add up to big savings for future uncertainties.

Workplace teach us “every minute counts”, founders show us the value that will add up to productivity, problem solving, responsibility, and making a better world for ourselves & others.

Retirement teach us “every relationship counts”, life shows us the value that will add up for a happier ending where we leave memories and hope for the future generation.

Never undermine the little things that make up what could be for learning, fun, making friends, help others and so on. Not sometimes, all times little things do make a difference! At QtPi we understand this and we continue to make an effort to add value through these little things like building blocks, electronic components, building an app, online learning platform, feedback from our customers and so on. We will continue to make a difference through these little things. Because we collaborate with little ones from age of 6+ and little things make difference to us!

Just a Little...

Just a little deed could take one a long way.

Just a little right thing could set things right.

Just a little right move could save lives.

Just a little right thinking could save relationships.

Just a little...