If one recalls the challenge of making a presentation they often look wordy and boring!

If one needs to add relevant images that requires hunting for creative common license with and without commercial intent. Though there are plenty, it needs search that would mean extra time and patience.

How does one manage a quick presentation for a client? or an elevator pitch? or accidental meet up of a potential investor or buyer in a travel. Days are numbered for those who believe - Can I send you an email? or Can we schedule an appointment? Ah ha! moments will be lost and investors or a customer might never come back. Presenting a brief or a slide to a client in their own languages can be a challenge if you’re not most comfortable. The solution to it is visual communication where several barriers could be broken.

We did see such emotions while we helped the employees of Infosys with a session to create images for a quick presentation or business communication at a rate that one couldn't have imagined. We help them through manual drawing and AI tools that would help with corporate communication, presentation designing and creating custom slides or instant images as per the needs of the client.

Magic of Visual Communication
Infosys Employees

Some of the responses captured in the feedback form

"very engaging session and brought a smile"

"Loved the flow of information right from Mr. Santosh till Ms. Johanna. I loved using the tools and getting to know AI better. Overall I love the work that Qtipi is doing. Thank you."

"learned new things awesome session""It will be great if we can have a similar fun magic session again."

Objective of the workshop:

This session will cover the concepts of AI and its applications and provide hands-on practice with AI tools to help craft powerful business communication strategies.

  1. Understand how AI tools can help in your business communication
  2. Practice the  art of visual storytelling using hand drawn pictures and AI tools

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A workshop for Infosys employees


  1. Some of drawing are inspired from the Book Draw to Win, Dan Roam
  2. Graham Shaw, Author & TEDx speaker