Classroom is a very important place for students and teachers as well, which is why teachers should try to make it more like a home. Design thinking is one of the approaches which can achieve this goal. This blog will give you more about this approach to make classrooms more like home and how teachers can apply it.

As a teacher, if you would like to know what would make my students comfortable in class. As a student I have never had this opportunity before because I have always assumed that the classrooms are designed for the comfort of students. However, in the past I was asked by a fellow teacher about what makes my students feel comfortable in class and I thought it was an interesting and good question which actually made me rethink how things should be done for better comfort of the students. I think everyone is entitled to learn in a place they feel most comfortable. We spend most of our day at school so it is important that we feel completely willing to learn.

In any classroom, there should always be an understanding between the teacher and students. You must realize that even students have different learning styles and although they may be taught using the same educational methods their approach to school may vary causing some of them to be more receptive to you than others. Additionally, kids attending different schools from different areas are probably going to have different lifestyles, interests, and things they are used to in their daily routines as well - this means it would be beneficial for a teacher to create a comfortable classroom environment for all of his or her students by being aware of what sort of things might cause resentment or frustration during lessons if said factors weren't taken into account.

As a teacher, if you're looking to get the most out of your students and have them participate more readily in the classroom environment - asking their opinions on what makes them feel most comfortable is a great start. I realize it's not something that many teachers have done as far as I know. However, these types of discussions bring up good points and it goes to show just how easily overlooked they might be by those who haven't given them a chance before. Because learning experiences were always designed for me as a student by the school and board that I signed up with. However, there were a couple of instances where classrooms were seen from the lens of my students.

As new generations enter the educational system and society at large, significant changes are taking place in the way we educate our children. The modern education system is hard at work crafting tailor-made, engaging experiences for today's pupils. Teachers across the world are seeing themselves as facilitators of change, not just for their students but also for their families and communities. The classroom environment is becoming much more inclusive so as to provide a better learning experience for every student regardless of their background or skill level. There has been a shift from that of a receiver to knowledge towards becoming that of a shaper and creator which comes with different responsibilities for the student itself. This shift is redefining the way in which we learn, bringing more freedom and choice to the classroom environment and making learning easier in many ways.

At home I have seen my siblings choose what they'll eat with my mother, opting to buy ingredients to make their own meals, while deciding upon a food schedule for the week that fits their taste preferences as well as participating in other household chores. I have seen the daily food menu being adapted to suit the needs and preferences of my family. Each person in my family is involved in some respect when it comes to making sure that everyone has all they need. Though the choices could vary but everyone got a bit of something to chew among choices. I have seen human-centered design/ approach in this aspect and it has become integral part of sharing the experience with my present fellow roommates.

A similar approach where teachers could redesign classroom experience through the most valuable change suggested by the students' would make learning environment a place like home! Before I could kick start my training session in a class, I let students know by saying, "I am your friend and open to your views to achieve the learning goals". And I try remain authentic to it. What all I do? My sessions are informal and has examples that all could relate in some way. I reward them rightly and swiftly. If they invite to have snacks or lunch, I wouldn't miss it. At the end of training session, I take all for "Ice-cream together". Its important to burn the differences and ice-cream has worked for me!

These are creative acts that a teacher understands are most effective through which people learn to express themselves authentically – and you need authentic creation to drive the education of the future. The best teachers are entrepreneurs when it comes down to designing & re-designing the systems for the schools of tomorrow.

The most effective Creative Acts come from authentic expression. We encourage the teachers and educators to help the students perform creative acts to express themselves authentically and also to help students to be true to their natural talents. We can help you learn how to be true to your natural talents and learn how to express yourself authentically with Design Thinking workshops. Please contact QtPi Robotics for a Design Thinking workshop for educators, students and professionals. Contact us at raghu(at) and to know about QtPi Robotics visit us at .