Existence of technology is an interesting debate in spite of the surge in technology and usage of it. Can technology and humans co-exists? Or Humans must pay attention to social skills? Is the human race moving in the right direction?
Does one see a possibility that technology could become a partner or who might take away the essence of friendship, attention and affection? While children still need human interaction to develop empathy, emotions and language skills.
Technology has connected humans and things in several ways. Often termed as "Global Village" where as Dr. Anil Kumar. T calls it a "Global Table", as most of the tasks are virtual through a device like mobile phone, tab or computer. And we are getting more drawn inwardly into virtual life and it looks difficult to go back to conventional lifestyle.

Earlier some products were available in certain locations or shops but technology has helped in making it available for anyone. One could order in finger tips, and one may no longer need to even visit the place at all.

On the other side of virtual socialisation is isolation of people. The place for conversation in the virtual lacks human touch. For example, one could have several friends on social networking sites but they mostly stay as virtual friends. We no longer look forward to social events. We do it all online. Virtual games are taking away outdoor games where one learnt to share and experience emotions like joy, anxiety, sadness and anger.

The most significant drawback of technologies is that they take over one's normal life. If one consumes every single part of their day on platforms where technology is making socialisation difficult. People would be isolated.

As technology develops, its role is shifting from complementing rather than replacing relationships into a space where they can co-exist. Technology can be used effectively and responsibly for human development but only if it is not abused. As more than half the world's population already lives in places in which social networking technologies are in use. The autonomy, freedom and confidence might have now to be at least a result of the Internet. The Internet has turned out to be a great friend for learning and helping. This needs to be taken in a pinch of salt as technologies can make one lazy, no physical activities and hampering socialisation among family members.

Technology in classrooms will become default like teachers for classrooms or co-exists as students and teachers for classrooms. Does it sound odd? To know more watch the conversation with seasoned educationist Dr. Anil Kumar. T, Campus Director & Principal of Bangalore International Academy.

Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXVN-R4S_uc

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