The STEM Ka Sapna Organization has spread the knowledge they've gained about Coding to India's rural communities, where most girls live without access to quality education.

With emphasis on 21st Century Skills, the education landscape is changing with the introduction of skills-based courses such as AI, Robotics, and Coding for K12. One such energetic team from STEM Ka Sapna is Ms. Navya Ramakrishnan and Ms. Aishwarya Sudarshan, who shares their experience of empowering girls in STEM education.

"Our mission is to incorporate STEM opportunities into our lives and the lives of future generations. We aim to create a platform for young girls, specifically in India, empowering them with STEM education, skills and careers, "said Navya and Aishwarya.

STEM Ka Sapna's vision is to inculcate skills in girls so that they can join the industry as viable candidates. With a core team of four people, the organization focuses on promoting STEM education among young female students.

Navya and Aishwarya come from diverse backgrounds, yet they have a common goal: to make learning fun for girls and spread awareness about careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to help gradually decrease the gender gap in STEM fields with the introduction of various resources and spark an interest in the field for many girls across the various states of India.

Girls are often deprived of choices, not just in education, but in every aspect of life. Navya and Aishwarya believe STEM could be a way to bring the potential and pave a path for aspirations among girls. It can also be a way to empower women.

"Being a girl, I've always taken up challenges and would like to be a role model for others," said Navya.

STEM through coding and AI could help build 21st century skills that are applicable across many industries. "These are the skills that can literally take you anywhere in the world and allow you to be successful in whatever your career is, no matter where it might be," said Navya.

So far, the STEM Ka Sapna Organization has been able to teach 500+ girls in India about computer science concepts (Scratch and Python programming languages and Artificial Intelligence). In addition, they have worked with Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan (RSKS) India to provide STEM curriculum to 200+ underprivileged girls in India. STEM Opportunity has been helping young girls from around the world realize their dreams of going to college or start an entrepreneur journey. We have begun in India with encouraging girls, but we have big plans for the future.  #MoreToStem #STEMKaSapna

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