Santosh Avvannavar in conversation with Mother-Daughters on family bonding activities vis-a-via Coding & Robotics.

Mother Poornima shares aspects of parenting roles in helping children nurture skills and activities. Some of takeaways from the conversation are -

  1. Kids must explore activities and it helps parents to know the strength of their kids. Paving a path for future aspirations & fun.
  2. Parents need to embrace screen time issues. The focus could move from screen time issues to productivity.
  3. Some kids might need a nudge to start. Either kids will pick up or reject an activity. This could be a good indicator for parents to plan for their kids.
  4. A family with more than one kid, parents could try a collaborative approach to help siblings bond largely through learning and fun.
  5. As a working parent, I know we are occupied with work and chores. Parents involvement for at least during the weekend or holidays for couple of hours would help in family bonding by brining everyone together. We need not have to know everything; as a family we could explore together.
  6. For kids, start anything as a fun activity. Move from fun to learning and eventually it might lead to a career aspiration. This way there is no pressure on kids learning and future aspirations.

Shruthi shares her journey of picking coding initially as an after school activity and how QtPi helped in identifying her interest in Coding and eventually to Robotics with QtPi kit. She also talks about the influence on her younger sister, Laya. As a family, they ensure to have a family time by building a robot and developing apps. Some of takeaways from the conversation are -

  1. Coding & robotics allows to experiment on ideas and it's fun.
  2. Could influence peers and friends in learning through collaboration.
  3. Self learning tools come with limitations though maybe great on knowing some level of coding & robotics. Initially having a coach would make learning fun. Some kids might require a structure for learning.
  4. Parents' trust is important as it would help in having a creative space.

Share us your experience on family bonding time through activities that are designed for kids in the comment section of the video.