Building Blocks; Building Happiness: With QtPi building blocks build happiness! Let’s families put their domestic chores and the myriads so called expected duties and responsibilities of home-maker for a while. Let them replenish through a ‘Family Fun Day!’ Let this day to ditch monotony and be yourself, in some way. Invite us to make your occasion to make a memorable, fun-filled and happy event!  

"Each individual is different and each individual when form a team is unique” - QtPis

Let’s Play

Henceforth, here I come, life

To soak in some carefree pleasures of play,

To see the morning Sun and the innocent of the play,

Both urging me to break the rules of adulthood and relive childhood and relive childhood once again to play…

At Microsoft India


  1. Family would collaborate in building fun-filled projects.
  2. Fine sample projects will be showcased to pick one among them or build entirely a new one.
  3. At the end, families will present their work to other groups.
Fun Projects

Take away:

  1. Breadboard project
  2. Memorable experience, fun and memories to reflect

Family Fun Bonding Fee: We won’t bite much, a bonding fee of Rs. 1200/- for a family of 3 member + Rs. 400/- for an additional member of family

Number of hours: 03

Contact us: 7022645361 or 7022645961

Glimpse of Microsoft's Bring Your Kid To Work Day