At what age should we introduce coding? infamous question and there is no right answer. Unfortunately, many of the answers are amateur. What if we can ask few questions back.

A: I started coding only when I was in college.

Q: When did you learn to operate a laptop/tab/Mobile? how about the kid you are comparing yourself to?

A: Let the kids play outdoor/ learn music/ learn to respect elders, meditate

Q: What made you think the Kids are not doing those activities already?

A: Let them learn math and science.

Q: How much of those science and math are you using in your software job?

A: The teacher did a google search to answer my question

Q: Great. Is your teacher ethical enough to admit the unknown? Does she come back to you with answers later? Can you assess her strengths and weaknesses? How about dropping out of the course instead of expecting her to know everything about software?

A: it's Cheating. There are so many free materials available on Youtube.

Q: Yes. Self-learning is great. Do you know what percentage of the kids can learn on their own?

A: ML/AI will eliminate coding Jobs.

Q: Did Calculators eliminate the need to learn math?

Coding is not for everyone. I have first-hand experience that even people with computer science degrees fail at basics and seen 5th graders doing a better job. If you think those are exceptions, think again. The majority of the  K12 kids are way smarter than their elder siblings. Many platforms make coding enjoyable today.

On the contrary, stop falling for snake oil ads. Pull out your kids from coding classes if you don't see them enjoying. A bad teacher can do more harm than good.