#QtQuiz - Episode 4 - Question by QtPi Student Ambassador & Quiz Master, Master Ahlada N M

What happens when we turn upside down a glass full of water covered with a cardboard?

Objective: QtQuiz is designed to help reasoning, critical thinking, logical deduction and fun.


1. Add answer in the comment section of https://bit.ly/3uUdotb

a) Add the choice you think that is right & b) Mention reason to your picked choice.

2. Both need to be mentioned in the comment section as a single comment. For example, Choice A - Because balls are bouncy!

3. The submissions are open from 5th March - 8th March 12 noon.

4. The answer to the question will be posted on 10th March.

5. The winner's name will be posted on 11th March.

6. Appreciate Token Certificate and a QtPi Voucher to the winner.

Best wishes to the participants!