On 26th Feb QtPi Student Ambassador & QtQuiz Mistress, Ms. Advaita Iyer had a question - what if we light a candle in a glass of water? Ms. Advaita, Quiz Mistress led a session with other students ambassador to see their views through a discussion. The objective of QtQuiz is designed to help reasoning, critical thinking, logical deduction and fun. Listen to a wonderful fun-filled conversation among the student ambassadors!

click here to view the conversation: https://bit.ly/389xC8y

QtQuiz 3 Q & A conversation by Quiz Mistress Advaita Iyer and QtPi students ambassador

Lekharsh Ellampalli, Congratulations, please connect us at santa(at)qtpi.in ; we would like to share the details on the next process of sharing e-certificate and QtPi Voucher. We will also connect through the comment section of youtube community.

We also like to thank people who have participated and the winner is picked by the Quiz Mistress, Advaita Iyer.