Ma’am, She is not wearing a mask.

Ma’am, He is is pulling my mask,

Ma’am, Isn’t my mask cute?


Students think teachers are pantomath who know-it-all and would solve everything in the classroom. This could be a norm of classrooms in schools. This is also an expectation not just from kids but some parents. Teachers have beautiful daunting tasks to manage within and outside the classroom. But the question is, what sets kids and parents to see teachers as pantomath?

Vineetha Anil, a seasoned educationist has seven golden geese -

  1. Teaching is a “divine calling”.
  2. Framework set-up by the board should be seen as a canvas on which any art/ colour/ expression/outcome can be projected and explored.
  3. Teachers are gifted with abilities to nurture and inspire young minds. They are endowed with the quality to be able to reach out to every child in the class which is admirable.
  4. Teachers are constant learners who instill the same value in their students.
  5. Teachers can be impactful so as to leave everlasting memories not only in the minds of children but their parents too.
  6. Teachers identify the strengths of the students and bridge the gaps in parenting and learning.
  7. Teachers create a lasting impression with real life experiences/stories which becomes an experiential learning for generations to come.

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